Best Bread for Constipation: Can You Eat Bread While Constipated?

Best Bread for Constipation: Can You Eat Bread While Constipated?

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By Dr. Jorge, Ph.D.

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Nobody likes experiencing constipation or bloating, especially when the reason is unknown. If you’ve been having bathroom-related symptoms, your choice of bread might be the culprit. Read on to learn which types of bread can worsen constipation and which could help to relieve it.

Can you eat bread if you are constipated?

You can eat bread while constipated, but you’ll need to choose carefully since certain types of bread can worsen constipation. Bread high in fiber like 100% whole grain bread can help alleviate constipation while low-fiber bread like white bread can worsen it. This is because fiber softens and increases stool weight, making it easier to pass and preventing constipation.

What kind of bread does not cause constipation?

Bread that is high in dietary fiber tends to keep bowel movements regular, reducing the likelihood of constipation. Most whole grain foods are great fiber sources, including bread made from 100% whole grains. Some examples of bread that do not cause constipation are whole grain rye bread and whole-grain sourdough bread.

Why does bread make me bloated and constipated?

There are a few reasons why eating bread could make you feel bloated and constipated. You might have wheat or gluten sensitivity if you notice uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms when you eat any bread. On the other hand, you may be consuming too much low-fiber bread. In either case, your body might have difficulty digesting low-fiber or gluten-containing foods, which can lead to bloating and constipation.

What is the best bread to eat for constipation?

If you are constipated, it is advised that you increase your intake of soluble fiber. Since whole grain bread is an excellent source of soluble fiber, it is one of the best breads to combat constipation. However, experts suggest increasing fiber intake gradually, otherwise you might experience other gastrointestinal symptoms such as gas, cramping, or bloating.

Is multigrain bread good for constipation?

Multigrain bread is only helpful for constipation when made entirely from whole grains. If the multigrain bread contains refined grains, such as those found in enriched white flour, it might worsen constipation. To check if bread is made with 100% whole grains, check that the first ingredient listed is “whole wheat flour” or “whole grain wheat flour”.

Is rye bread good for constipation?

Rye bread, especially if made from whole grains, is great for constipation sufferers. One research study found that whole grain rye bread was more effective than laxatives in treating constipation, without increasing adverse gastrointestinal effects. Given the benefits of both rye bread and sourdough bread, rye sourdough bread might be even better at relieving constipation.

Is sourdough bread good for constipation?

Whole grain sourdough bread might be good for constipation given its high fiber content and unique fermentation process. If you suspect that gluten is the cause of your constipation, sourdough bread might be one of the better bread choices since it tends to contain less gluten than other types of bread. Additionally, the long fermentation process can mean sourdough bread has prebiotic-like properties, which can help to improve overall digestion and gut health.

Is toast better than bread for constipation? Can you eat toast when constipated?

Toast might be better than bread for constipation as it is part of the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet, which are common foods recommended for both diarrhea and constipation. However, this is only true for toast made from whole grain bread, since low-fiber white toast can potentially worsen constipation. To learn how bread and toast can differ nutritionally, check out this article.

What is a good breakfast for constipation?

The best breakfast to relieve constipation is one rich in fiber. This can include high-fiber hot or cold cereals, toast from whole wheat bread, certain fruits (i.e. apples, oranges, berries), nuts, and seeds. It is also recommended to drink plenty of fluids while constipated, such as water and herbal teas.

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