How Wildgrain Works

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Meet the first bake-from-frozen membership for sourdough breads, artisanal pastries, and/or fresh pastas.

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Reschedule, skip, or cancel at any time.

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Freezer to table in 25 minutes or less.

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Your Wildgrain Box

How does Wildgrain work?
We’ve made Wildgrain as simple as possible:

1. Start your membership by choosing the Mixed Box or the Bakery Box.
2. Your Wildgrain Box gets delivered right to your door every month.
3. Store the bread, pasta, and pastries in your freezer. When you’re ready, cook or bake in under 25 minutes!

You can also change the delivery frequency, skip, or cancel your membership at any time.
Can I customize my Wildgrain Box?
After your first Wildgrain Box, you'll have access to a Member Account where you can substitute any products in your box up to 4 days before your next charge date. You can also choose from exclusive add-ons via your Member Account. Don't worry, we'll send you a charge reminder email 4 days before your next charge date, so you can make any adjustments you'd like. Plus, the ability to customize your first box at checkout will be coming soon!
What’s in a Wildgrain Box?
The Mixed Wildgrain Box includes an assortment of sourdough bread, hand-cut pasta, and artisanal pastries. The Bakery Box includes an assortment of sourdough bread, breakfast baked goods and artisanal pastries. All are ready-to-bake from frozen, with no prep required. Some items in your Wildgrain Box will rotate monthly based on the seasons!

An example Wildgrain delivery includes:

  • 1 Plain sourdough loaf
  • 1 Sesame seed sourdough loaf
  • 1 Slow fermented olive oil Ciabatta
  • 1 Fresh Tonnarelli (12 oz.)
  • 1 Fresh Fettuccine (12 oz.)
  • 10 Apple pie bites
  • 4 Croissants
Will the Wildgrain Box items fit in my freezer?
Most people have no problem fitting the Wildgrain items in the freezer of an average home refrigerator. If your freezer is extra-full one month, you can skip your Wildgrain Box delivery that month.

Your Wildgrain Membership

Why is Wildgrain a membership?
Wildgrain sourdough breads take 26 hours to make, compared to 20 minutes for a supermarket loaf. It is difficult for an artisan-driven company like ours to source high-quality ingredients, staff our bakeries, and hand-shape each loaf without knowing roughly how many members we need to deliver to each month.

By becoming a member, you’re eating healthier products, supporting a small business and helping reduce food waste.
Why should I become a member?
  • Replace Your Carbs With Nutritious + Clean Options: All of Wildgrain products are made with clean ingredients that are easy to understand and contain no preservatives. Our sourdough bread provides many health benefits. Our fermentation process digests the majority of the gluten; for this reason, some people with gluten sensitivities find that they can easily digest and enjoy sourdough bread. Sourdough bread also contains lactic acid, which helps your body better absorb nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and iron. Lastly, it contains prebiotics, which keep your gut biome healthy and also increase the bioavailability of nutrients.

  • Save Time in Your Day: Your Wildgrain membership will save you time in a multitude of ways! We deliver right to your door, saving you extra trips to the grocery store and bakery. And since all of our food is delivered frozen and ready to be cooked, you get to skip over the time-intensive process of making sourdough bread and fresh pastas and pastries and just enjoy. Lastly, everything can be cooked from frozen, so you don’t need to wait around for the items to thaw.

  • Enjoy Homemade Freshness: Your tastebuds will never be the same. There are few feelings as satisfying and comforting as taking a freshly-baked, homemade loaf of bread out of the oven or digging into fresh, homemade pasta or pastries. With a Wildgrain membership, you can now have this feeling any time you want.
Can I adjust my Wildgrain membership?
Yes! You change your delivery frequency, skip, or cancel your membership at any time. For example, if you want to get your Wildgrain Box every 2 months instead of monthly, you can do that. You can make these adjustments on your Wildgrain account or by emailing us at
How much does a Wildgrain membership cost?
A Wildgrain membership is $89 per box with always free delivery. You can change your delivery frequency, skip, or cancel at any time.
How much is Wildgrain bread?
You can purchase additional loaves of bread as add-ons to your box. Our breads cost between $8 and $12.
Why is the Wildgrain Box more expensive than the same items at the supermarket?
Each Wildgrain Box comes with the makings of 30+ individual meals. Our prices are comparable to brick-and-mortar artisan bakeries and specialty shops. The pricing reflects the high-quality ingredients and labor process that goes into creating the products (vs. mass-produced products sold at the supermarket that are made with low-cost, low-quality ingredients).

Like with organic produce or grass-fed, free-range meats, there's always a higher price tag. But the price reflects the increased quality and subsequent health benefits of the food. Our products contain important nutrients, such as fiber-rich bran, proteins, and vitamin-rich germs, that you’ll never find in supermarket carbs.

Plus, Wildgrain has an added value over brick-and-mortar specialty stores in that we save you time in your week because we deliver right to your door! And we know nothing is more priceless than saving time.
Can I order individual items?
We don’t currently have the option for individual item orders or custom orders.
Is there a minimum time commitment?
Nope! You can cancel your Wildgrain membership at any time.

Baking instructions

Where can I find the baking / cooking instructions?
Each product has a nutrition label with the specific baking / cooking instructions. If you're missing any product labels, you can also find them on our Nutrition Page or you can email us at!
How do I know my loaf is perfectly baked?

1. The Crunch Check!

Remove the loaf from the oven. Lightly press down on it. If you feel the loaf give a little and hear a crunch sound, the loaf is likely ready to be taken out of the oven for the 30 minute waiting period.

2. The Tap Check

Remove the loaf from the oven. While holding it in one hand upside-down, tap on the bottom of the loaf with your other hand. If you hear a hollow sound from the center of the loaf, the loaf is likely ready to be taken out of the oven for the 30 minute waiting period.

How do I perfectly cook Wildgrain Pasta?

Frequent stirring is key to ensure the frozen pasta properly separates, we recommend:

  • Using a larger pot than you normally would so there’s a larger amount of boiling water.
  • Bringing the pot to a very strong boil before putting the pasta in. The frozen pasta will cool the water slightly when you put it in, so it’s important for the boil to be strong.
  • Stirring the pasta frequently, especially at the beginning to help it separate faster.
  • We save a cup or two of pasta cooking water. It’s a great way to loosen up the sauce, making it extra smooth and velvety.

High Altitude Cooking

For our pastas, you may have to extend the cooking time by a few minutes, since pasta takes longer to cook in high altitude locations.

How do I perfectly bake Wildgrain pastries?

Our pastries taste best when they’re freshly baked, so we recommend only baking what you plan to eat at one time.

Flattened Croissants?

If your Croissants arrive slightly flattened, as long as they're still cold to the touch upon arrival, you can put them in your freezer and bake them as normal. They'll still puff up when baked!

High Altitude Baking

We recommend baking one first as a test to see if they bake properly from the instructions on the label. If not, adjust the instructions by lowering the temperature and prolonging baking time so that the next time, the pastries will end up golden brown.

How do I store Wildgrain bread?
Good news! If properly stored, sourdough bread will last longer than commercially-yeasted bread before staling or molding.

Wait at Least 30 Minutes After Baking

We know it’s hard to resist, but slicing a warm loaf of bread too early will result in a gummy and sticky crumb inside.

Don't Store in Refrigerator

Homemade bread stales faster when it’s stored in the refrigerator.

Store in a Box, Paper Bag, or Towel

Bread boxes work great if you have one. If you don’t, no worries! You can store the loaf by wrapping it in a clean kitchen towel or by putting it in a paper bag. Make sure to keep the stored loaf in a dry place and to have its cut-side facing down.

Eat Fresh on Baking Day, Toasted Later

We recommend eating your bread fresh the first day, and then lightly toasted the following days. You can also slice the entire loaf on the first day, freeze the slices, and then toast the slices as you need them!

High Altitude Baking

There shouldn’t be an impact on baking any of our parbaked breads and rolls since they’ve already risen.

How do I store Wildgrain pastries?

If you do have leftover pastries, we recommend:

  • Storing the leftovers the same way you store the bread: in a bread box, wrapped in a clean dish towel, or in a paper bag.
  • If you’d like to give your leftover pastries a little refresh, you can put them in the oven for 5 minutes at the same oven temperature that was on their instructions.

How do I store my Wildgrain leftover pasta?

Fridge Storage

Before storing your leftover pasta in the fridge, allow it to cool to room temperature within an hour of cooking. Properly stored in an airtight container, cooked pasta can last 3-5 days in the fridge.
If you have plain pasta leftovers, we recommend coating the noodles in olive oil before putting them in the fridge to prevent them from sticking.

Freezer Storage

If you have leftovers of pasta cooked in sauce that you don’t want to eat in the next few days, you can store the leftovers in the freezer for up to a month!

  • Allow the leftovers to cool to room temperature within an hour of cooking.
  • Put the leftovers in a freezer bag and store in the freezer for up to one month.
  • When you’re ready to eat the leftovers, put the freezer bag in warm water to thaw before reheating them on the stove or in the microwave.

Overbaked loaf?
If your loaves are consistently overbaking, it’s possible that your oven runs hotter. Try decreasing the oven temperature by 25F to 50F or decreasing the baking time. You can also cover your loaves with aluminum foil while they bake to protect the crust from getting too hard.
Underbaked loaf?
If you find your crust is burning but then you wait the 30 minute period and you cut the loaf open and it’s still frozen inside, cover your loaves with aluminum foil while they bake to protect the crust from getting too hard and to allow the inside to finish baking. In addition to doing this, bake your loaves at an oven temperature 50F-100F less than the instructions and for 5 - 10 minutes longer than the instructions.


Why are Wildgrain products healthier?
We know that “healthy” is not typically the word that comes to mind when talking about carbs. But at Wildgrain, we approach making food differently.

All of our food is made with clean ingredients that are easy to understand and contain no preservatives. Beyond being clean replacements for your favorite carbs, our sourdough bread provides many health benefits. Our fermentation process digests the majority of the gluten; for this reason, some people with gluten sensitivities find that they can digest and enjoy sourdough bread. Sourdough bread also contains lactic acid, which helps your body absorb more nutrients (e.g. calcium, magnesium, and iron) than your body would from non-sourdough bread. Lastly, it contains prebiotics, which keep your gut biome healthy and also increase the bioavailability of nutrients.
Do you use unbleached and enriched flours?

While we use organic flours, seeds, and grains as much as possible, not all are organic. Because of specific recipes, and supply chain reasons, we're sometimes unable to rely on organic ingredients for some of our products.

However, all our flours are unbleached and non-GMO. We never use flours that have been treated with bleaching agents like benzoyl peroxide or chlorine gas to speed up their aging process. 

When we do not use organic flours, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that non-organic flours must have the following nutrients: 2.9 milligrams of thiamin, 1.8 milligrams of riboflavin, 24 milligrams of niacin, 0.7 milligrams of folic acid, and 20 milligrams of iron. This is a public health initiative in 44 countries worldwide as a solution to common nutrient deficiencies in the general population. 

You can read more about this in Sec. 137.165 on the FDA website.

Are Wildgrain products vegetarian? Is Wildgrain vegetarian?
Yes! All of our products are vegetarian.
Are Wildgrain products vegan?
The majority of the products in our Wildgrain Box are not vegan.
Are Wildgrain products gluten free?
All Wildgrain products contain gluten. Since the fermentation process of making sourdough bread does digest the majority of the gluten in the bread, anecdotally some of our members with a gluten sensitivity or intolerance find that they can enjoy sourdough bread. If you have a gluten sensitivity or intolerance and are interested in subscribing to Wildgrain, we recommend checking with your doctor to see if Wildgrain is a good fit for you. If you have celiac disease, Wildgrain is unfortunately not a safe option, since all of our products contain gluten.
Can I see the ingredients and nutrition facts of each product?
Yes, visit our nutrition facts page. The ingredient lists also come on the labels of each product when you receive your Wildgrain Box.
Do you accommodate food allergies?
All Wildgrain products are prepared in a facility that processes milk, eggs, nuts, wheat, and milk. Because of this, we don’t recommend ordering a Wildgrain Box if you have a severe food allergy.


Do I have to pay for shipping?
No! Delivery is always free.
Where does Wildgrain deliver to?
We deliver everywhere in the United States except to Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska.
When will my Wildgrain Box arrive?
You’ll receive a tracking number when your Wildgrain Box has shipped, and 1-3 business days later, your box will arrive.
What carrier do you use for delivery?
We use UPS, OnTrac and sometimes FedEx for shipping. Delivery typically takes 1-3 days.
Will my items stay cold in transit?
Yes, our items are par-baked and flash frozen. The box is then packed with insulation and a specific amount of dry ice that is calculated based on your location. You’ll receive a tracking number when your Wildgrain Box has shipped, and 1-3 days later, your box will be delivered.
Do I need to be home for my delivery?
No, you do not need to be home to sign for your Wildgrain Box delivery. Our Wildgrain Boxes are packed with insulation and dry ice, so that they stay nice and cold for several hours after delivery. That said, you should plan to unpack the items and put them in your freezer as soon as possible. What happens to your Wildgrain Box after the carrier confirms delivery is your responsibility.
What do I do with the dry ice in my box?
If there’s still dry ice in your Wildgrain Box when you open it up, please do not touch the dry ice with bare hands! After putting your items in your freezer, let your box sit in a well-ventilated area until the dry ice dissipates. Be sure to keep dry ice out of reach of children and animals, and don’t place it on any other surfaces (like a sink) as it can cause damage. Once the dry ice has dissipated, you can recycle the box and insulation.
How can I view my order status?
You’ll receive emails and SMS notifications every step of the way, letting you know about your order status. You can login to your Wildgrain account to have access to all your membership details.
How can I track my delivery?
You can track your Wildgrain delivery at You’ll also receive SMS notifications the morning that your Wildgrain Box is out for delivery and when your Wildgrain Box has been delivered. Please put your Wildgrain Box items in the freezer as soon as you can after delivery.
What if I need to change my order details?
You can edit all your membership details by visiting your Wildgrain account. Or you can email us at so we can edit it before your next Wildgrain Box is processed.
What if the carrier says my order is delivered, but it’s not on my doorstep?
The first step is to call the carrier to find out if they know where your Wildgrain Box is. If they can’t help, please email us at and we’ll help you track it down!


Is my credit card information secure?
Yes. We use the same secure, 256-bit encrypted payment gateway trusted by OpenTable, Kickstarter, Lyft, Twitter, and more. They store your credit card information and are fully PCI-compliant.


Do you offer corporate gifting?
Yes! You can bulk order one-time Wildgrain Boxes as corporate gifts. If you're interested in learning more, please fill out this form.
What if I still have questions?
We’re happy to help! Just email us at or chat us by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom-right corner of our website.

Free Croissants
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Free Delivery · Cancel anytime

* 4 free Croissants in every box of membership. Offer valid for new/canceled members only. Offer valid in continental U.S. only. Offer valid until 3/31/23 or while supplies last. Wildgrain reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time in its sole discretion and substitute another promotion in its place.