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"What happens when a woman from Germany meets a man from Algiers – who both love fresh bread – in Paris and get married? They start home delivery, artisanal bread company Wildgrain in Woburn, of course."

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"For those who have not been stress baking while staying at home, the aroma of freshly baked bread can still fill your kitchen."

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"You won’t have to choose between good and healthy with this breadbox subscription service."

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"With little effort, you get the same effect as if you made it yourself at home"

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"The pandemic has turned many to the great bread-making project...But [Wildgrain] is here to take away the room for error. Wildgrain wants you to leave the experimenting to the experts and wait for par-baked fresh loaves to arrive at your doorstep."

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"During these times, more of us are having food delivered, and here's an awesome idea for those who enjoy fresh, healthy sourdough bread, pastas, and pastries."

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