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Why We Started Wildgrain

Hi, we're Johanna and Ismail, co-founders of Wildgrain.
We started Wildgrain because we were looking for clean and high-quality carbs for our family. We spent months replacing stale supermarket breads, pastas, and pastries with our own homemade recipes. These recipes focused on clean ingredients and artisanal processes that provide important nutrition benefits.

Along the way, we learned that so many others were looking for clean carbs as well - and Wildgrain's delivery service was born!

We’re now proud to partner with small bakers and pasta makers across the country to keep the tradition of artisanal and nutritious food alive in our broken food system.

Not All Carbs
Are Created Equally

Learning this was our motivation for starting Wildgrain.
Here’s what we learned:

Fermented is better

A sourdough bread starter is a fermented mixture of flour and water, which also contains colonies of bacteria and yeast. The yeast in sourdough starters are the wild relative of yeast used in commercial bread baking - hence the name Wildgrain! The fermentation process used to make sourdough bread provides so many unique health benefits:

  • It digests the majority of the gluten in the bread
  • It contains lactic acid, helping your body absorb more nutrients
  • It contains prebiotics, keeping your gut biome healthy

Clean is better

We’re big fans of food that has short, easy-to-understand ingredients lists. And that’s our approach to making food at Wildgrain, too. All of our food is made with simple, high-quality ingredients, giving you the benefits of clean food that also tastes amazing.

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