All About Rolls: Brioche Rolls vs. Regular Rolls vs. Sourdough Rolls

All About Rolls: Brioche Rolls vs. Regular Rolls vs. Sourdough Rolls

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By Lucy Yanckello, Ph.D.

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Rolls are a small, often round, serving of bread that has a diverse array of uses. Rolls can be eaten plain, serve as an accompaniment to a meal, or cut in half and filled with whatever one pleases. There are many different types of rolls, some sweet, some savory, but each delicious in their own way.

What are brioche rolls? What is a brioche roll made of?

Brioche rolls are rolls made from a brioche bread dough, which is a rich dough made with yeast, flour, butter, and eggs. Although it has the same ingredients as regular buns, you need more eggs and butter to make brioche.To be characterized as brioche, a recipe typically contains 30% to 50% butter to total flour weight. In fact, brioche rolls are more similar to a croissant than to regular bread in terms of texture and structure. In order to make the perfect brioche rolls, the butter must be incorporated very slowly into the dough (mixing in the butter should take around 5 to 10 minutes). Brioche is time-consuming to make, but forming the dough into smaller rolls instead of a loaf will cut down on the time it will take.

What’s the difference between a brioche roll and a regular roll? Are brioche rolls healthy?

Brioche rolls and regular rolls are different in that brioche rolls require more eggs and butter in their recipe than regular rolls. Although both brioche rolls and regular rolls contain eggs and butter, the fact that brioche rolls contain more of these ingredients means that these rolls are higher in fat content. 

Brioche rolls should be enjoyed in moderation due to the higher fat content, because this fat content comes mostly from saturated fats. Saturated fats should be limited to 5% to 6% of daily caloric intake, according to the American Heart Association.

What’s the difference between a brioche roll and an English muffin?

English muffins and brioche rolls are similar in that they do include butter, but English muffins do not include eggs. Unlike brioche rolls, English muffins should not be intensely mixed because this would lead to a tight structure. Instead, the dough of English muffins should only be lightly mixed and handled prior to baking so that the English muffins have a more open structure, referred to as “nooks and crannies,” which soak up butter and other delicious spreads.

What are sourdough rolls? 

Sourdough rolls are made from a “starter”, which contains fermented flour and water in place of yeast in the dough. The wild yeast and bacteria in the starter allows the bread to rise and creates the tangy flavor and chewy texture that sourdough is known for. Sourdough rolls also sometimes contain butter and milk, but do not contain eggs, which can make them more similar to English muffins than brioche.

What’s the difference between brioche rolls and sourdough rolls?

The main difference between brioche rolls and sourdough rolls is in a few key ingredients: butter and eggs. Brioche rolls contain lots of butter, whereas sourdough rolls often do not contain any butter (for instance, at Wildgrain we do not use any butter or milk in our sourdough rolls). Additionally, sourdough rolls do not contain eggs, unlike brioche rolls which do contain eggs.

What are the healthiest bread rolls?

Although all types of bread rolls have a role in our diet in moderation, sourdough bread rolls contain certain health benefits that other types of bread rolls do not. The fermented starter that sourdough originates from is beneficial for gut health. In addition, sourdough rolls contain less, or in some cases no, butter and saturated fats compared to other rolls like brioche rolls. As a result, sourdough rolls can be considered among the healthiest bread rolls.

Where can I buy bread rolls, like sourdough rolls and brioche rolls, online?

At Wildgrain, we specialize in making high-quality, fresh baked goods that are delivered directly to your door. Wildgrain is the first bake-from-frozen delivery subscription service for breads, rolls, pastries, and fresh pastas. Some of our popular bread rolls include sourdough rolls and brioche rolls. Learn more about Wildgrain and our artisanal baking and cooking methods.


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