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Not All Carbs Are-Created Equally


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Not All Carbs
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Simple ingredients and no preservatives.

Bake-from-frozen and ready in less than 30 minutes.

Tastes and smells like your favorite bakery - but at home.

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Loved By…

Really enjoyed the bread, pasta and tarts. I typically don't care for sourdough bread but it is claimed to be the healthiest type of bread so I wanted to give it a try. The bread was delicious! It did not have the usual strong sourdough taste many commercial breads do and it stayed fresh for many days.

Dee B.

I'm an avid carb/bread lover - and Wildgrain is some of the absolutely best bread I've ever had. I was on the fence originally due to the price, but wow - 100% worth it.

Amanda L.

Was skeptical but now I’m impressed...I bought because I thought I should get some better nutrition with my carbs. But this is better nutrition that actually tastes great.

Heidi W.

The website and communication has been very clear, scheduling and changing an order delivery date was smooth. The product has been consistently delicious. The bread and the pasta tastes wonderful - thanks for providing this service!

Cheri O.

Breads and pastas that taste artisan made. These days with trying to be conscious about my carbs, I have found these breads, pastries, and pastas to be wholesome and well worth it. No need to give up pasta ever again.

Stacey L.

I was worried when I placed my first order that the bread would taste frozen, but that was far from the truth. I don't eat bread a lot so I have only reheated one so far, but I can't wait to try the remaining. Great job!!

Deborah C.

I’m new to Wildgrain, but my family and I are hooked. The bread, pasta, and the pastries are all so good. The prices are reasonable, and the best part is they use quality ingredients. I had a slight hiccup with my first shipment, but Wildgrain responded to my issue in less than 24 hours and immediately made it right.

Carolyne N.

Finding breads, including most artisanal loaves and pastas, difficult to digest, it has been life-changing to have zero digestive rumblings with all of Wildgrain’s offerings. The addition of delicious, properly prepared bread and pasta has rounded out the quality and possibility of whole food, clean meals we can now prepare. Enjoy!

Elizabeth W.

I love that the [items] don't need to thaw before baking, and that all of the items bake quickly. I've tried other bread companies that require thawing the bread for an hour before baking, and it makes it much less practical to incorporate into an everyday meal.

Patrice B.

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