Wildgrain Box + Free Tortellini
Wildgrain Box + Free Tortellini
Wildgrain Box + Free Tortellini
Wildgrain Box + Free Tortellini
Wildgrain Box + Free Tortellini
Wildgrain Box + Free Tortellini
Wildgrain Box + Free Tortellini
Wildgrain Box + Free Tortellini

Wildgrain Box

With Bonus Tortellini in Every Box

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Your Wildgrain Box includes a rotating assortment of sourdough breads, fresh pastas, and artisan pastries. All are bake-from-frozen (no thawing necessary!) and ready to eat in 30 minutes or less.

Here's a look at what's in each Wildgrain Box:

  • Sourdough Breads: Our 36-hour-long fermentation process creates bread that's ripe with health benefits: it's easier to digest and contains prebiotics, proteins, fiber-rich bran, and vitamin-rich germs. Rotating loaves include Whole Wheat Sourdough, Seven Grain Sourdough, and Rye Sourdough.
  • Fresh Pastas: Premium-quality pastas, such as Linguine and Pappardelle, that are made with only 3 ingredients: semolina, eggs, and water. Customers have told us it's like eating at a restaurant from the comfort of your home.
  • Artisan Pastries: Delicious seasonal pastries, such as Croissants and Tarts, made with only clean ingredients and no preservatives or additives like their supermarket counterparts.
  • BONUS: 1 pack of fresh Cheese Tortellini in every Wildgrain Box for the life of your subscription!

    No Commitment

    Change delivery frequency, skip, or cancel any time.

    No Thawing

    Bake-from-frozen items, ready in 30 minutes or less.

    Give Back

    1 subscription = 6 meals donated.

    Free Shipping

    With eco-friendly insulation and dry ice.

    Customer Reviews
    4.8 Based on 205 Reviews
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    25 October 2020
    Linda V.
    United States
    Me, great; kids not so into sourdough

    Pandemic is cramping my social sharing of bread except as gifts.. I toast, like a bagel and top with Trader Joe’s everything and whipped cream cheese. Wish the rye were seeded. Pasta fine

    24 October 2020
    Mena K.
    United States

    The bread is excellent, but I would like some variety other than sourdough. Pumpkin cinnamon rolls were to die for

    24 October 2020
    Celest G.
    United States
    Great bread, great pasta, mediocre cinnamon rolls

    4 stars, would have liked to have tried the croissants which I read great reviews on!

    22 October 2020
    Julia M.
    United States
    Excelent products

    Love all the items specially the cinnamon bonds

    21 October 2020
    Karen B.
    United States

    I love the Wildgrain products but it would be great for customers to have the option to “shop” for favorites rather than have choices made by the company. What you offer is as close to fresh made in your own kitchen as you can get. The texture and flavor of the pasta makes using store-bought products so second rate. There are some items like the lemon tarts that I would purchase more if given the opportunity and exclude the sourdough rye. I have given away some of my less favorite breads but that doesn’t make good economic sense just to keep the choices I love. So, Wildgrain, I hope you make available the option of specific item ordering because I am craving your fabulous lemon tarts!

    19 October 2020
    kathryn v.
    United States
    all items

    very taste the breads and the noodles

    19 October 2020
    Joni K.
    United States
    First box

    Outstanding bread with an unmatched crust. Great flaky pastry Didn’t try pasta yet Delayed 1day shipping, some items started to thaw Didn’t like olive, onion bread. Too salty

    Clean & Wholesome

    Simple ingredients and no preservatives.

    Easy & Convenient

    Bake-from-frozen and ready in less than 30 minutes.

    Fresh & Artisanal

    Tastes and smells like your favorite bakery - but at home.

    Frequently Asked Questions

     How does Wildgrain work?
    We’ve made Wildgrain as simple as possible:

    1. Start your Wildgrain subscription.
    2. Your Wildgrain Box gets delivered right to your door every month.
    3. Store the bread, pasta, and pastries in your freezer. When you’re ready to eat them, cook or bake, and all are ready to eat in under 30 minutes!

    You can also change the delivery frequency, skip, or cancel your subscription at any time.
     What’s in a Wildgrain Box?
    Your Wildgrain Box includes an assortment of healthy sourdough bread, hand-cut pasta, and artisanal pastries. All are ready-to-bake from frozen, with no prep required. Some items in your Wildgrain Box will rotate monthly based on the seasons!

    An example Wildgrain Box includes:

    • 1 sourdough country bread (1.5 lbs.)
    • 1 sourdough wheat bread (1.5 lbs.)
    • 1 sourdough harvest bread (1.5 lbs.)
    • 1 pack of fresh, hand-cut linguine (12 oz.)
    • 1 pack of fresh, hand-cut pappardelle (12 oz.)
    • 4 sourdough croissants
     Why should I subscribe to Wildgrain?
    • Replace Your Carbs With Nutritious + Clean Options: All of our food is made with clean ingredients that are easy to understand and contain no preservatives. Our sourdough bread provides many health benefits. Our fermentation process digests the majority of the gluten; for this reason, some people with gluten sensitivities find that they can easily digest and enjoy sourdough bread. Sourdough bread also contains lactic acid, which helps your body better absorb nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and iron. Lastly, it contains prebiotics, which keep your gut biome healthy and also increase the bioavailability of nutrients.

    • Save Time in Your Day: Your Wildgrain subscription will save you time in a multitude of ways! We deliver right to your door, saving you extra trips to the grocery store and bakery. And since all of our food arrives frozen and ready to be cooked, you get to skip over the time-intensive process of making sourdough bread and fresh pastas and pastries and just enjoy. Lastly, everything can be cooked from frozen, so you don’t need to wait around for the items to thaw.

    • Enjoy Homemade Freshness: Your tastebuds will never be the same. There are few feelings as satisfying and comforting as taking a freshly-baked, homemade loaf of bread out of the oven or digging into fresh, homemade pasta or pastries. With a Wildgrain subscription, you can now have this feeling any time you want.
     When will my Wildgrain Box arrive?
    You’ll receive a UPS tracking number when your Wildgrain Box has shipped, and 1-4 days later, your box will arrive.

    COVID-19 Note: To ensure your safety and to provide a safe environment for our staff, we currently ship out orders from Mondays to Wednesdays. We apologize for any delays in getting your order to you.
     More questions?
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