What is the best bread for a FODMAP diet?

What is the best bread for a FODMAP diet?

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By Dr. Jorge, Ph.D.

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If you’re having uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms, you might seek relief in a low FODMAP diet. While some types of bread aren’t suitable for this diet, many are low in these carbohydrates and can still be enjoyed while keeping your stomach happy. In this article, we’ll demystify FODMAPs and help you identify bread varieties that are FODMAP-friendly.

What bread is FODMAP-friendly? What sliced bread is low FODMAP? What type of bread can you eat on FODMAP?

Bread that is FODMAP-friendly will include bread that is low in fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols (FODMAPs), which are carbohydrates that can cause gastrointestinal upset. Since the main FODMAP found in bread is fructan, any bread that is low in fructans should be safe for a low FODMAP diet. This includes sourdough bread, white bread (in small amounts), and gluten-free bread that does not contain high FODMAP ingredients.

Is sourdough bread low FODMAP? Why is sourdough bread OK on a FODMAP diet?

Sourdough bread is low in FODMAPs because the fermentation process used to make sourdough bread reduces its fructan content. During the long fermentation process, the microorganisms in the sourdough feed on the FODMAPs, resulting in a lower fructan content. Keep in mind this is only the case if the bread is made in the traditional way which involves fermenting the dough for several days and leavening it for at least 24 hours. When purchasing store-bought sourdough bread, make sure to ask whether the sourdough bread is made using traditional techniques, otherwise, it might not be low in FODMAPs.

Is whole wheat bread low FODMAP? Why is whole wheat bread OK on a FODMAP diet?

Whole wheat bread can be considered low FODMAP depending on the serving size. While wheat flour is a high FODMAP ingredient, wheat products such as whole wheat bread can still be low FODMAP. The distinction lies in the serving size. For example, one slice of whole wheat bread at 24 grams is low FODMAP. This is the maximum serving size for whole wheat bread to be low FODMAPs; any more than this will be considered high FODMAP.

Is whole grain bread low FODMAP? Is whole grain bread high FODMAP?

Whole grain bread is high in FODMAPs. Since whole grain wheat contains the entire grain, it is high in fructans (a high FODMAP food). The high fructan content comes from the bran and germ, two components of the intact grain that are higher in fructans when compared to the endosperm (the third grain component). In contrast, white bread is a low FODMAP bread as it is made from refined grains which consists mostly of the endosperm, a low FODMAP grain component.

Is multigrain bread low FODMAP? Is multigrain bread high FODMAP?

Multigrain bread can be low in FODMAPs depending on the exact grains and portions used. Some grains used in whole grain bread are higher in FODMAPs than others, such as wheat, rye, and barley. Other grains, such as oats, are generally lower in FODMAPs. The same is true for gluten-free multigrain bread. When selecting a multigrain bread, carefully read the nutrition label to ensure you are choosing bread made from low FODMAP ingredients.

What is the best sourdough bread for a FODMAP diet? What is the best sourdough for low FODMAP?

The best sourdough bread for a low FODMAP diet is one using traditional methods that include a slow fermentation process. This process is essential to reducing the amount of fructans in bread, a main carbohydrate and FODMAP found in bread varieties. Another great option is sourdough bread made with spelt or rice flour as these kinds of flour are usually lower in FODMAPs than the wheat flour traditionally used to make sourdough bread.

How many slices of bread can I eat while on a FODMAP diet?

The number of slices of bread you can eat while on a low FODMAP diet depends on the type of bread, the ingredients in the bread, and your tolerance level. Some low FODMAP breads may be listed as such on the label with a suggested serving size. 

In general, the following serving sizes are recommended to be low in FODMAPs:

·  1 slice of white wheat bread

·  1 slice of whole wheat bread

·  2 slices of white wheat sourdough bread

·  2 slices of whole wheat sourdough bread

·  2 slices of gluten-free white bread

·  1 slice of gluten-free multigrain bread

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