Best Pasta for Diabetics: Can Diabetics Eat Pasta?

Best Pasta for Diabetics: Can Diabetics Eat Pasta?

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By Dr. Jorge, Ph.D.

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Do you love pasta but worry that having diabetes will prevent you from eating it? Thankfully, pasta can absolutely fit into your diet even while diabetic. Read on to learn which are the best pasta options for diabetics so that you can enjoy your favorite meals while keeping your blood sugar levels in check.

What kind of pasta can diabetics eat? Can I still eat pasta with diabetes? Is pasta good for diabetics?

Diabetics can eat any kind of pasta; however, it is important for people with diabetes to consider the amount and type of carbohydrates found in their pasta to maintain control of their blood sugar. Refined carbohydrates, or those found in traditional white pasta, are digested by the body quickly, which can cause blood sugar to spike. Alternatively, complex carbohydrates, or the carbohydrates found in wheat and whole grain pasta, are digested slowly by the body, and won’t have such a drastic effect on blood sugar. Consequently, people with diabetes can eat pasta but should watch portion sizes, aiming for 45 to 60 grams of carbohydrates per meal. It is also recommended that diabetics opt for whole-grain pasta options when possible.

Which pasta is best for diabetics?

The best pasta for diabetics to eat is pasta made from whole grains or wheat. Pasta made from whole grains is less likely to cause spikes in blood sugar, making this kind of pasta ideal for diabetics. Complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains, are also more nutritionally dense than refined carbohydrates, containing essential nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Pasta alternatives like veggie noodles are another great option that is lower in carbohydrates while still satisfying the pasta craving.

Are egg noodles better than pasta for diabetics?

Egg noodles are typically not better than pasta for diabetics - typically pasta is better than egg noodles for diabetics. This is because egg noodles are high in carbohydrates (40 grams per 1 cup serving) compared to white pasta (30 grams per 1 cup serving). Egg noodles also have a moderate glycemic index and a higher glycemic index than pasta meaning egg noodles are more likely to cause blood sugar spikes.

Is angel hair pasta good for diabetics? Can a diabetic have angel hair pasta?

When made from whole grains, angel hair pasta can be a good option for diabetics. Like with any pasta, people with diabetes should make note of the number of carbohydrates in their pasta portion size to be sure to avoid drastic changes in blood sugar after pasta consumption. Especially when paired with low-starch vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and mushrooms, angel hair pasta can be a great meal option for diabetics.

Is gluten-free pasta good for diabetics? Is gluten-free pasta better for diabetics?

Gluten-free pasta is not necessarily good for diabetics. Foods that do not contain gluten can still contain carbohydrates that will impact a diabetic’s blood sugar levels. Some gluten-free pasta varieties will have the same impact on blood sugar as traditional pasta, so they do not offer benefits to those with diabetes. However, some gluten-free pasta options such as pasta made from chickpeas are good options for diabetics as they contain fewer carbohydrates and more protein and fiber than traditional pasta. If choosing a gluten-free pasta, be sure to check the nutrition label for carbohydrate, protein, and fiber content to be sure it fits in with your diet.

Is whole wheat pasta good for diabetics? What is the best whole wheat pasta for diabetics?

Whole wheat pasta is an excellent choice for diabetics as it contains whole grains. In addition to whole wheat pasta having a lower glycemic index than traditional pasta, whole wheat pasta also contains more fiber which can help to keep blood sugar levels in check. To make sure pasta is truly made from whole wheat, look for 100 percent durum whole-wheat flour as the first ingredient on the nutrition label. This will be the best option for diabetics.

What are the best pasta dishes for a diabetic? 

The best pasta dishes are those made from whole-grain or whole-wheat pasta and that are appropriately sized. It is also important to be mindful of add-ons to your pasta such as cheese, sauce, and protein. Make vegetables the center of your dish and choose oil-based or tomato-based sauces for a topper. By skipping cream-based sauces, you’ll avoid unnecessary fat and sodium. Diabetics should also pair their pasta dishes with lean protein such as fish, tofu, or grilled chicken. Protein is slower to digest than carbohydrates so you won’t have to worry about spikes in your blood sugar and protein will also help to satiate your hunger, making it easier to not overload on pasta.  

Where can I buy healthy pasta online?

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