Best Pasta for Vegans & Plant-Based Diets

Best Pasta for Vegans & Plant-Based Diets

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By Lucy Yanckello, Ph.D.

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Many vegans and plant-based eaters wonder if pasta is safe to consume within their dietary restrictions. Fortunately, most boxed pastas contain only one or two ingredients – semolina and a grain, and are usually mixed with water to create a pasta dough. However, not every pasta is vegan. This article will cover how vegans and those eating a plant-based diet can be confident the pasta they choose fits into their diet.

What kind of pasta can vegans eat? Can vegans eat any pasta? Is every pasta vegan?

Pasta is made from combining a few basic ingredients. Typically these include semolina, and a grain – enriched wheat flour for example. However, there are some pastas that include egg in the ingredients. Vegans will want to avoid anything labeled “egg pasta”. In addition, many stuffed pastas contain cheese, meat, and other non-vegan ingredients. 

What pastas are good for a plant-based diet? What pastas are healthiest for a plant-based diet? Why is pasta good for vegans? Is pasta healthy for vegans?

Although the base ingredients of a pasta are similar in most cases – semolina and a grain – additional plant-based and vegan ingredients can be added in. Vegetables, beans, and other legumes can all be added to pasta dough to beef up protein, fiber, and flavor, or reduce carbohydrate content. Any pasta that includes higher amounts of fiber and protein than pasta without any add-ins will be beneficial to any plant-based eater – being creative with how you get your protein is key to both of these diets. Pastas with added ingredients to raise protein and fiber content are usually clearly marked at the stores and are made with ingredients such chickpeas and lentils. Whole wheat pasta also includes higher amounts of protein and fiber than plain pasta. Just be sure to check the label for no-no ingredients for vegan and plant-based eaters, such as egg, egg whites, honey, and dairy.

What pasta can vegans not eat? Why are some pastas not good for vegans?

Vegans cannot eat any pasta that contains egg, diary, honey, or meat. These ingredients must be avoided on a vegan diet. Pasta that does not have anything added to increase the protein or fiber content is less beneficial to a vegan or plant-based eater, but this does not mean it has to always be avoided. It is important that if you enjoy regular wheat pasta that you enjoy it in moderation, as restricting foods from your diet only makes you crave them more. 

Can vegans eat whole grain pasta? Can you eat whole grain pasta on a plant-based diet?

Vegans can eat whole grain pasta as long as it does not include egg or other non-vegan ingredients. Whole grain pasta is also plant-based in most cases, but be sure to read the ingredients before purchasing. Whole-grain pasta has the added benefit of extra fiber and is a good addition to any vegan diet. 

Is dry pasta vegan? Is fresh pasta vegan? Is gluten-free pasta vegan?

Dry pasta is more likely to exclude eggs than fresh pasta. Fresh pasta, more often than not, contains eggs, and some even contain dairy. There are some egg-free versions available, but these are much more rare. When seeking out fresh pasta, be sure to read the ingredients before purchasing. Most gluten-free pasta is also vegan, however, sometimes dairy or other non-vegan ingredients may be added, so it is important to read the ingredients label before purchasing.

What do vegans eat on pasta?

There are plenty of sauces that vegans can enjoy. Most tomato-based sauces, such as marinara, arrabbiata, and puttanesca, are vegan without any alterations to their recipes. Other sauces that include dairy or meat can be altered to fit into a vegan or plant-based diet. Alfredo and vodka sauces can be made with plant-based alternatives to dairy milk, and bolognese can be made with mushrooms or plant-based meat alternatives.

Where can I buy the best vegan pasta online?

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