Bread and Pregnancy: Eating Bread While Pregnant

Bread and Pregnancy: Eating Bread While Pregnant

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By Dr. Jorge, Ph.D.

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It can feel like there’s a lot to know about what you should and shouldn’t eat during pregnancy. This can mean having to make diet modifications once you become pregnant. Read on to learn which bread is the healthiest for pregnancy and whether you should alter your daily eating habits.

Do you crave bread during pregnancy? 

Many pregnant women report experiencing cravings for carbohydrates, like bread, while pregnant. Experts believe pregnancy cravings may be due to hormonal changes in the body or a way for the body to indicate nutrient deficiencies. However, the exact cause of these cravings is unknown.

Can I eat bread while pregnant? Is it safe to eat bread during pregnancy?

You can still eat bread while pregnant. Not only is bread safe to eat, but whole grain bread is rich in iron and folic acid, critical nutrients for a healthy pregnancy. Carbohydrates and whole grains are important components of a healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy.

Can I eat yeast bread during pregnancy?

Yes, you can eat yeast bread during pregnancy. Certain foods might be considered high risk during pregnancy because they are raw or undercooked. Additionally, some foods could become contaminated with harmful bacteria during processing or storage. So long as the yeast bread is fully cooked, it should not pose any dangers during pregnancy.

How many slices of bread can I eat per day during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is advised that one-third of your diet consists of carbohydrates. Stated differently, doctors recommend those expecting to consume 6 to 11 servings of grains and bread per day. To maintain a balanced diet, this means that the amount of bread you should eat each day will depend on the rest of your diet during pregnancy. 

What kind of bread is good for pregnancy? What is the healthiest bread while pregnant?

The best bread to eat during pregnancy is bread made from 100% whole grains. Whole grain or whole wheat bread options are healthier than white bread varieties, containing more fiber, folic acid, and iron. These essential nutrients help promote a baby’s healthy development and benefit mom too.

Is it safe to eat white bread during pregnancy? Is white bread healthy while pregnant? 

White bread is somewhat safe to eat during pregnancy, but its intake should be limited. Refined grains, which are used to make white bread, may raise your risk of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes while pregnant.

Is it safe to eat sourdough bread during pregnancy? Is sourdough bread healthy while pregnant?

Yes, it is safe to eat sourdough bread during pregnancy. Pregnant or not, sourdough bread boasts an impressive nutritional profile, which is only magnified when made with whole grains. The slow fermentation process used to make sourdough bread means it is an excellent source of antioxidants, calcium, folate, and other nutrients. Sourdough bread may also be easier to digest and can help stabilize blood sugar levels.

Is it safe to eat whole wheat bread during pregnancy? Is whole wheat bread healthy while pregnant?

It is both safe and recommended to eat whole wheat bread during pregnancy. Whole wheat bread is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients and is a great food to add to your diet to ensure you have enough good carbohydrates while pregnant. If you’re picking out a loaf of bread in the grocery store, look for the 100% whole grain stamp on the package.

Can I eat bread and butter during pregnancy?

You can absolutely enjoy bread and butter during pregnancy, but as with all foods, moderation is key. When having a treat of bread and butter, whole grain or whole wheat bread is among the healthiest options. As for butter, be sure it is made from pasteurized milk and pay extra attention to your portion sizes. Consuming high quantities of saturated fat might increase your risk of heart disease and can cause excess weight gain.  

Can I eat bread with gestational diabetes?

You can eat bread with gestational diabetes, but you’ll want to choose bread made entirely from whole grains. If you have gestational diabetes, you need to be mindful of the amount and type of carbohydrates you’re eating, since carbohydrates turn into glucose during digestion. Certain carbohydrates, like those found in white bread, can spike blood sugar (glucose) levels due to their rapid digestion. Conversely, foods made with whole grains, such as whole grain bread, typically have a lower glycemic index, which means they digest more slowly and don’t cause rapid changes in blood sugar levels. Please discuss further details with your medical provider.

Where can I buy healthy bread online?

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