Multigrain Bread: Healthy or Unhealthy

Multigrain Bread: Healthy or Unhealthy

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By Dr. Jorge, Ph.D.

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You’ve probably heard that multigrain bread is good for you, but do you know where it stands when stacked against other bread types? In this article, we’ll let you know how to choose the healthiest multigrain bread, how multigrain bread compares to other bread types, and whether multigrain bread can help you to lose weight.

Is multigrain bread healthy? Can I eat multigrain bread every day?

Multigrain bread is healthiest when it is made from whole grains. Since multigrain bread can be made from both refined grains (white bread) and whole grains, you’ll want to make sure the multigrain bread you’re consuming is made entirely from whole grains for the most health benefits. Since multigrain bread made from 100% whole grains is the most nutritious bread option, be sure to check the nutrition label on your multigrain bread for whole wheat flour as the first ingredient instead of wheat flour. Eating whole grains has a host of nutritional benefits when compared to refined grains such as lowering cholesterol and insulin levels, which can help to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

You can eat multigrain bread daily, but like with any other food, you’ll want to watch portion size and pair it with other healthy foods to create a complete and balanced meal.

What are the disadvantages of multigrain bread?

While multigrain bread has many benefits, the high fiber content that can be found in some multigrain bread may cause gastrointestinal upset, especially if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). You might experience diarrhea or bloating as a side effect of eating bread containing whole grains. Multigrain bread also tends to be high in fructan, a sugar that can aggravate digestive disorders, such as IBS.

Is multigrain bread healthier than whole wheat bread? Which is better, whole wheat vs. multigrain bread?

Whole wheat bread and multigrain bread have similar nutritional profiles when made entirely of whole grains. This is because both types of bread have the same health benefits due to both containing the whole grain kernel as opposed to refined grains that have been milled or stripped of certain nutrients that are found in the whole grain. However, if multigrain bread is made from a combination of whole and refined grains, whole wheat bread will always be healthier as it must be made from 100% whole grains.

Is multigrain bread healthier than white bread? Which is better, white bread vs. multigrain bread?

Since multigrain bread typically has more fiber and a lower glycemic index than white bread, it is generally healthier than white bread. Multigrain bread has a tendency to be more nutrient-dense because it can contain whole grains, whereas white bread is always made from refined grains. Compared to bread made from refined grains, bread containing whole-grains offers greater nutritional benefits.  

Is multigrain bread healthier than sourdough bread? Which is better, sourdough vs. multigrain bread?

When made entirely from whole grains, multigrain bread is usually healthier than sourdough bread. However, sourdough bread may be more nutritious than multigrain bread if the multigrain bread contains refined grains. This is due to the slow fermentation process used to make sourdough bread that creates a nutrient-dense bread. To get the benefits of both whole grains and sourdough, you can try a multigrain sourdough bread, such as Wildgrain’s sourdough 7-grain loaf.

Is multigrain bread healthy for weight loss? Can I eat multigrain bread and lose weight?

Multigrain bread can be healthy for weight loss. When compared to refined grains, studies have shown that eating whole grains can help to reduce belly fat. Make sure to look for multigrain bread that is 100% whole grain if you want to benefit the most from it while trying to lose weight. The higher fiber content in multigrain bread can also contribute to weight loss by making you feel fuller for longer.

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