Hi, we are Wildgrain.

Hi, we are Wildgrain.

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This is Johanna, co-founder of Wildgrain. I am proud to announce the birth of Wildgrain Box. Our mission to bring healthy and artisan carbs & grains to everyone.

I started Wildgrain 9 months ago when I got pregnant with my first son Jack.

At the time, I was looking for healthy carbs options at the supermarket with not much success. After some research, I realized that most grain products advertised as “healthy” were far from that. Because supermarket products are designed and optimized for shelf-life, they often end up stale tasting, highly processed and packed with preservatives.

For example, I found out that breads advertised as Sourdough were actually  “Sourdough flavored” and had nothing to do with the ancient breadmaking technique that’s so good for our health. Fresh pasta is made using bleached flours deprived from most of their nutrients. And pastries always contained highly processed ingredients, high fructose syrup or added sugars.

So, I decided to study and develop my own homemade recipes with organic ingredients, healthy fibers, and a more artisanal process.

A week before Jack’s birthday, on January 2020, my husband and I co-founded Wildgrain. A subscription box that delivers artisan and wholesome breads, pasta and pastries directly to your door; All made from 100% organic, enriched, stone-ground and unbleached flours.

Real sourdough bread: all our loaves are slowly fermented for 36 hours from real sourdough leaven. They are parbaked and ready to use after 25 minutes in your oven.

Hand-cut fresh pasta & ravioli: every Wildgrain box includes 2 packs of fettuccine and seasonal ravioli. All made following the artisanal Italian tradition, with fresh organic free-range eggs, Italian semolina and stone-ground organic flour.

Bakery-quality pastries: made with no additives, no high fructose corn syrup, no emulsifiers, no preservatives. From French tarts to comforting American classics, our seasonal pastries will surprise you every month. `